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    The classrooms are modern, well-furnished and Air-conditioned.
    Every class room is equipped with Smart Boards with Projectors, Sound Systems & Internet.
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    CICA has its own practical labs for instrumentation. These have
    particular technical staff for maintenance procedure.
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    CICA has its own enriched and perhaps one of the best computer
    laboratories in Bangladesh. rest of those are used by the Technical Staff &
    Students for their academic purposes.

Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Enrich Class Room & Exam Hall

The classrooms are modern, well-furnished and Air-conditioned. Every class room is equipped with Smart Boards with Projectors, Sound Systems & Internet.

Aeronautical Laboratory

Cambrian Int’l College of Aviation has an enriched aero lab that includes huge amount of aircraft parts, spares, equipment and component from home & abroad to meet the all necessary requirements.

Cabin Crew Lab

CICA has it’s enriched Cabin Crew Lab which includes different types of Aviation Safety Equipment. There are 10 Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, 02 CO2 Fire Extinguishers, Fire Buckets, 6 Life Jackets, 02 Oxygen Cylinders, 04 Fire

What Students Say ?

CICA is one of the best Aviation College in Bangladesh. They give their best opportunity for students. They are very helpful for their students. Beside Bookish knowledge they also like to give practical knowledge. CICA have own Aircraft and Engine for students training purpose. I feel proud as a student of CICA.

Md. Taufiq Rayhan

I am very glad and honored to be the 1st graduate of CICA. The atmosphere is really conducive to creative and productive learning. It's a place of civility, friendship, and good cheer. I look forward to when I might refer some suffering students' soul to the haven known as Cambrian Int'l College of Aviation.

Rashu Deb Nath

First Bangladeshi institute providing the international standard based education of Aviation Technology. Instructors are very friendly and helping minded. According to my perception, CICA is the perfect place for aviation sector. Not only for learning but also for experience about aeronautics, we can go with CICA.

Joysree chowdhuri

It is the best aviation college in Bangladesh. One can get enough practical facilities and degrees from here. I feel proud to be a student of CICA.

Shahriar Bin Sarwar

I think CICA is one of the best institutes for those people who dreamt to be an aviator. I'm studying BSc in Aeronautical Engineering at CICA. It offers (1+3) year’s course which allows us to study 1 year at CICA and 3 years at NCHU. CICA is giving full funded scholarship opportunities which help students to support themselves financially. CICA has its own aircrafts, F-7 fighter jet engine and enriched aero lab. CICA is offering other courses related to aviation.

Tawhidul Islam Noman

I love CICA because I love aviation. The best institution for aeronautical engineering in Bangladesh. and I feel so proud as a student of CICA.

Asiful Hasan

Cambrian International College of Aviation is the best Aviation College in Bangladesh. CICA is a sister concern of BSB Cambrian education group that is the largest education group in Bangladesh. CICA is a good institution. I feel proud as a part of CICA.


Its Muhammad Hanif, i am doing bsc in aeronautical engineering at cica, which is affiliated partner of Shenyang aerospace university.it is one of the top ranking Aviation University in the world. I have chosen cica because they offer a variety of courses in this field. And they are providing a good campus and student facility. I am proud to get my education from cica.

Muhammad Hanif

In Bangladesh there are some Aviation College and Cambrian Int'l College of Aviation (Cica) is one of the best. I got admitted this year on BSc in Aeronautical Engineering for some particular reasons. This institution provides us the opportunity to get an advanced degree in many sectors. There are many jobs are available in various countries. Every year they want about 23000 pilots,30000 engineers and also over 50000 people in management system. So, it is very easy for us to get job in this sector. Cica have an advanced aerolab, digital campus and also have their own Airplane.

Absan Shahriar Toufiq

Aviation is my dream... and cambrian int'l college of aviation.(CICA) is my dream carriage. CICA is one of the best college in bangladesh. when i was very disappointed with the careers, i could not think of where to go, if i could reach my specific goal, then CICA show me the right path. A lot's of love for CICA.I LOVE U so so very much. live your life forever.

Md Rasheduzzaman Rony

While I was finding the best bachelor courses for my career path, I came to know about CICA. Cambrian Int'l College Of Aviation is a specialized institution and they have a good number of qualified faculties, own aircraft as well as accreditation from world renowned organizations and authorities like Civil Aviation Authority of China, Ministry of Higher Education China etc. CICA is the best place to get a world class degree in aviation sector in Bangladesh. I am proud to be a student of Cambrian Int'l College of Aviation.

Sajid kabir Saji

Awarding Bodies of CICA